1 Drachm. Skandagupta (455-467 AD) – tezbid

1 Drachm. Skandagupta (455-467 AD)

  • Rs. 400.00

1 Drachm silver coin of Skandagupta (455 AD - 467 AD) - making them about 1,500 years old! The front of the coin carries the face of the ruler, while the reverse carries a fire altar and legend in Brahmi. The Gupta Empire existed from mid of 3rd century to 5th century, and was a time of great advancements in science, arts and literature for India. 

This is an EXTREMELY RARE coin with a numista rarity score of 91. Read more about this coin here

These are hammered coins - each coin is slightly different from the other. The shape is round but irregular. 

Weight: 1.7 grams (approx)

These coins are part of a lot, so the coin you get may not be the coin in the picture, but will be a coin in similar condition.