1/12 Tanga, Carlos I, Portuguese India – tezbid

1/12 Tanga, Carlos I, Portuguese India

  • Rs. 700.00

1/12 Tanga of Portuguese India (Goa) in the name of Carlos I, ruler of Portugal. These coins were minted in 1901 and 1903. Under the Portuguese/Goan coinage, 1 Rupee was equal to 16 tanga - so a tanga was equal to a British Indian anna. 1/12 of tanga was 1/192 of a rupee, or a 1/12 anna (the smallest coin of British India).  

These coins were minted at the Calcutta mint - after 1881, all the Portuguese Indian coins were minted by the British. Thus, the Portuguese Rupee is the same size, weight and silver content as the British Indian silver rupee. 

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Weight: 2.15 grams (approx)

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