1 Anna, George VI (High Grade) – tezbid

1 Anna, George VI (High Grade)

  • Rs. 225.00

1 anna copper-nickel coin of George VI, minted from 1938-1947. The obverse of the coin has the crowned head of George VI, while the reverse says 1 Anna in English and 4 Indian languages (Hindi, Urdu, Telugu and Bengali). The coins are very high grade, with all the original features clearly visible and very little wear and tear. 1 Anna coins in this condition are hard to find. 

The edge of these coins is scalloped - similar to the Aluminum 10 paisa coins of post independence. 

Weight: 3.7 grams (approx)

These coins are part of a lot. The coin you purchase may not be the coin in the picture, but will be a coin in similar condition. Price is per coin.