1 Fanon, Mahe Mint (Indo-French) – tezbid

1 Fanon, Mahe Mint (Indo-French)

  • Rs. 2,800.00

1 Fanon or 1/5 Rupee silver coin minted in the Indo-French possession of Pondicherry - indicated by the 'P' on the obverse of the coin. The legend on reverse (incomplete usually) says 'Phrench Kompani'. These coins were minted from 1738-1792 AD - making over 200 years old!

France had a minor presence in India compared to the British and French colonial coins were minted in much smaller numbers making them harder to find. This is a RARE coin. 

Weight: 2.2 grams (approx)
Size: 14 mm (approx)

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The coin you get will be one of the two coins in the picture. These coins are over 200 years old and will have wear and tear.