1 Pie, Bombay Presidency, 1833 AD/AH 1248, Small Type – tezbid

1 Pie, Bombay Presidency, 1833 AD/AH 1248, Small Type

  • Rs. 400.00

Copper 1 pie milled coin minted by the Bombay Presidency in 1833 AD or 1248 AH (Islamic Calendar). The obverse carries the coat of arms of the East India Company and the date (1833). The reverse carries the denomination of the coin (PIE), with a balance (tarazu) underneath followed by the date as per the Islamic calendar (1248 AH). These coins were minted before the uniform coinage era (1835 AD), when each Presidency (Bombay, Madras, Calcutta) used to mint coins of different designs. The PIE was equal to 1/3 of a paisa, 1/12 of an anna or 1/192 of the rupee - making it the smallest denomination minted in the period. 

This coin is one of the two variants of this type - the lettering used for 'PIE' is smaller compared to the other variety (refer picture 3). 

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Weight: 2.16 grams (approx)

Diameter: 18 mm (approx)

Coins are part of a lot. These coins are over 150 years old and have wear and tear. There will be variation between coins.