1 Rupee, Bikanir, 1897 – tezbid

1 Rupee, Bikanir, 1897

  • Rs. 3,200.00

Rare Silver Rupee issued by Bikanir State, in the name of Empress Victoria and Maharaja Ganga Singh Bahadur. 1897. 

These coins were minted in two dates - 1892 and 1897. Just 5.95 lakh coins of 1892 and 1.11 lakh coins of 1897 were minted - compared to hundreds of millions British India coins - making them rare. Of the two, 1897 is the rarer date. Read more here

Rare coin with a rarity score of 55 on Numista. Read more here

Condition as seen in the picture. 

Weight: 11.66 grams