1 Rupee, George V, 1911 (Bombay & Calcutta) – tezbid

1 Rupee, George V, 1911 (Bombay & Calcutta)

  • Rs. 5,400.00

1 Rupee silver coin of George V, minted in 1911- of Calcutta and Bombay (dotted) mints. 

This is the (in)famous pig-rupee - the elephant in the King's robe had short legs and trunk, resembling a pig - leading many to reject this coin. These coins were withdrawn from circulation and 1912 onward, a more clearly identifiable elephant was used. 

This is a RARE coin, with a rarity score of 51 on numista. Read more here and here

Weight: 11.66 grams (approx), each

Condition as seen in picture. 

Price is for 2 coins - 1 of Bombay Mint, 1 of Calcutta mint