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1 Rupee, Victoria Empress, 1900, High Grade

  • Rs. 1,550.00

Silver 1 Rupee coins minted in the name of Empress Victoria in 1900 AD. These coins were minted in Bombay - note the incused 'B' in the flower at the top (picture 4). The obverse has a portrait of Empress Victoria, wearing a crown, with the legend 'Victoria Empress' around the bust. This design was adopted in 1877 and continued to be used till 1901, till Victoria's death. The reverse has a floral wreath surrounding the text, which shows the value (1 rupee) and the date. 

These are high grade coins, with all the features clearly visible. The crown is the highest part of the obverse - and all the features of the crown can be seen undamaged. Rare in this grade. 

All the coins are 1900, Bombay Mint. 

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Weight: 11.66 grams (approx)

Diameter: 30.79 mm (approx)

Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get may not be the coin in the picture, but will be one of the coins shown in the third picture.