1 Rupia, Portuguese India, 1935 – tezbid

1 Rupia, Portuguese India, 1935

  • Rs. 2,500.00

Silver (0.917) 1 Rupia coins of Portuguese India, minted in 1935. These coins were minted by the Portuguese Republic, which succeeded the Portuguese Empire - following the abolishing of the monarchy after the Lisbon regicide. These silver coins are the same size, weight and silver content as the Indian silver rupee. 

The reverse carries a shield - the coat of arms of Portugal, inside a lined circle, within a Maltese cross. This is a common feature for Portuguese coins. The reverse has a divided shield, the provisional coat of arms of Portuguese India - with a figure of Vasco da Gama holding a shield. The five escutcheons (shield shaped emblems) forming a cross are a common feature of both the shields. 

Just 300,000 of these coins were minted - making them scarce compared to silver coins of British India. 

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