3 Coin Set, George VI, Lahore Mint – tezbid

3 Coin Set, George VI, Lahore Mint

  • Rs. 1,300.00

Set of 3 half-silver coins - 1 Rupee (16 Anna), 1/2 Rupee (8 Anna) & 1/4 Rupee (4 Anna) of British India, in the name of George VI, minted at the Lahore mint. Note the 'L' mark under the Lotus on the reverse of the coin. 

1 Rupee coins were minted in Lahore during 1944 & 1945, while the other two denominations were minted from 1943, 1944 & 1945. Coins of Lahore mint are scarce compared to coins from other mints. 

If you want specific years, please check with the seller on availability before ordering. 

These coins are part of a lot. Coins you get may not be the coins in the picture, but will be coins in a similar condition. 

Price is per set of 3 coins. 


1 Rupee: 11.66 grams (approx.)

1/2 Rupee: 5.83 grams (approx.)

1/4 Rupee: 2.92 grams (approx).