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Gold Fanam, Kingdom of Cochin, 1795-1850

  • Rs. 2,100.00

Gold 1 fanam coin of the Kingdom of Cochin, minted from 1795-1850 AD. The fanam was 1/36 of a Pagoda, which was the larger unit of currency at the time in many kingdoms of the South. These coins are just 0.375 grams in weight - among the smallest coins to be minted! These are 0.

The obverse has sun and moon above the dots, while the reverse side has a conch shell. 

This is a RARE coin. Read more here

Weight: 0.375 grams (approx) - these are not machined coins, small variations in weight are there

Diameter: 8 mm (approx)

These coins are 58.5% gold (approx). 

These coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will be one of the coins in the picture 4.