Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, 1964, USA – tezbid

Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, 1964, USA

  • Rs. 900.00

Silver Half Dollar commemorating Late President John F Kennedy on the obverse, and the US Presidential seal on the reverse - An eagle holding an olive branch in one talon and 13 arrows in the other. A shield is emblazoned on the eagle's chest. Note the engraver's monogram 'GR' - Gilroy Roberts, at the base of the beck. 

These coins were minted in 1964, and are 90% silver. Read more about this coin here

Weight: 12.5 grams (approx)

Size: 30.61 mm (approx)

These coins are part of a lot, and the coin you get may not be the coin in the picture, but will be a coin in a similar condition. All the coins are high grade and UNC/AUNC.