Set of 3 coins, Udaipur, Bhupal Singh – tezbid

Set of 3 coins, Udaipur, Bhupal Singh

  • Rs. 750.00

Set of 3 copper coins - 1 anna, 1/2 anna & 1/4 anna of Udaipur Princely State, minted during the reign of Bhupal Singh - the last ruler of Udaipur who signed the instrument of accession to India. Read more here

These coins were minted in 1942 (VS 1999) and 1943 (VS 2000). 

The 1/4 anna coin is Rare, with a score of 54 on Numista rarity index. Read more about it here

The other coins - 1 anna and 1/2 anna, are uncommon compared to other copper coins of the period. A set of 3 coins is hard to put together. 

All the three coins are copper. The standard weights are 4.3 gm (1 anna), 3.5 gm (1/2 anna) and 2.2 gm (1/4 anna). 

These coins are part of a lot and the coins you get may not be the coin in the picture, but will be a coin in similar condition.