1 Drachm or 1/4 Unit, Kushan Empire, 100-300 AD – tezbid

1 Drachm or 1/4 Unit, Kushan Empire, 100-300 AD

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Copper 1 Drachm or 1/4 unit coins of the Kushan empire, various rulers. Kushan empire ruled over large parts of Northern India, most of present day Pakistan and Afghanistan and Central Asia. The Kushan empire began in 1st century AD and lasted till 4 century AD, when it was overwhelmed by Kidarite Huns

These coins are approximately 4 grams in weight. The obverse (Pictures 1, 3 & 5) have a figure of the crowned king holding a spear in left hand and placing an offering on an altar with the right hand. The reverse carries a range of figures - usually a God/Goddess. Some of these coins also have the figure of Lord Shiva with Nandi Bull on the reverse. 

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ll these coins are VERY RARE. 

Weight: 4 grams (approx)

Diameter: 17 mm (approx)

Coins are part of a lot and condition may vary. Please note - these coins are over 1500 years old and will have wear and tear.