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For a numismatist, India offers the widest possible range of coins due to her long and rich history. Explore that history through our vast collection of rare and beautiful antique coins from India and across the world. Discover the beauty of Indian coins including coins of ancient and medieval India, British India, Indo-Portuguese coins, and coins of Indian Princely states such as Kutch, Hyderabad, Nawanagar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Travancore, and Gwalior. Our collections have hundreds of different gold, silver, and copper coins. Rare and hard-to-get coins are easy to find on, at an affordable price. Our collections of coins of Kutch and Indo-Portuguese coins are the largest of their kind. Whether you are a serious numismatist, a novice collector, or just someone with an interest in history, tezbid has something for you!