25 Years of Independence, 1972, 10 Rupees – tezbid

25 Years of Independence, 1972, 10 Rupees

  • Rs. 1,800.00

10 Rupee silver (50%) coin minted in 1972 to commemorate 25 years of India's freedom. The coin has a picture of a man and a woman holding up the Indian flag in the backdrop of the Indian parliament house. 

These coins were minted in Calcutta and Bombay mints. Coins of Bombay mint have a dot under the numerals '10' on the reverse. 

This is a large coin - 39 millimeters in diameter, and weighs 22.5 grams. Read more about this coin here

These coin are part of a lot (picture 3). The coin you get will be one of the coins in the third picture. These are high grade coins with all the features intact and clearly visible. If you want coin from a specific mint (Bombay or Calcutta), check with the seller before placing your order.