5 Rupees, HVR Iyengar (C5) – tezbid

5 Rupees, HVR Iyengar (C5)

  • Rs. 800.00

5 Rupee banknote of India, signed by HVR Iyengar. This is the C5 variant. The key changes over the earlier C3 variant is the change in the white window on the obverse. The obverse carries the denomination of the note in English and Hindi, along with Ashok stambh. The reverse carries an image of 6 antelope, and says 'Five Rupees' in eight regional languages. 

Size: 127 mm* 73 mm
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These notes are uncommon. 

The notes are in high grades and have no tear or damage. Notes are part of a lot, and the note you get may not be the note in the picture but will be a note in a similar condition.