1 Taka, Bangladesh, 1972 – tezbid

1 Taka, Bangladesh, 1972

  • Rs. 3,500.00

1 Taka banknote of Bangladesh. This is the first note issued by independent Bangladesh, and is called the 'map series'. These notes were issued as an emergency measure to replace the Pakistani rupee in use earlier. These notes were printed at the security press, Nashik, India. India had aided Bangladesh in its War of Liberation against Pakistan. The obverse of the note has a map of Bangladesh within a circle on the left, and the denominations in English and Bangla to the right. The reverse has a numeric '1' in Bangla. These notes were withdrawn from circulation in 1974 on concerns of counterfeiting. 

Size: 98mm * 63mm

This is a scarce note. Read more about it here

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