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5 Kori Coins of Kutch

The 5 kori silver coin is perhaps the best known among the coins of Kutch. At 13.87-13.9 grams, it was visibly larger than the British Indian rupee, and had a slightly higher silver content as well. As a result, 1 kori was equal to 1 rupee, 4 anna & 2 pie. This ratio kept changing as the silver content of Indian rupee was reduced in 1939, and then in 1945. 

The first 5 kori coin was minted in 1863 AD/1920 Vikram Samvat, in the name of Pragmalji. The coin was machine-struck, and had the name of the ruler of Kutch on the obverse, together with the three symbols of Kutch (the trishul, katar and crescent) along with the date in Vikram Samvat. This side was entirely in devnagari script. The reverse of the coin had the name of Empress Victoria, together with the year according to the English calendar. This side was in Urdu. This basic pattern of the 5 kori coin remained unchanged for the next 80+ years - during the very long rein of Khenagarji and then Vijayrajji. The names of rulers changed on either side, as did the dates, and there were some changes to the design, but the basic features of the coin remained the same. Anyone looking at the first and the last 5 kori coins of Kutch can easily see they are related. 

While these 5 kori coins are rarer compared to British Indian coins, they are still quite affordable to a keen collector. Tezbid.com has collected a wide range of these 5 koris, from different rulers and designs, each with something unique about them. Enjoy!

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