1 Ruble, Transnistria, 2019 – tezbid
Transnistria, Banknote

1 Ruble, Transnistria, 2019

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1 Ruble banknote of Transnistria, an internationally unrecognized but de-facto independent state which is considered to be a part of the Republic of Moldova. Transnistria lies on the East bank of River Dniester, and is on the Moldova-Ukraine border. This region had been historically a part of Romania and wants to either merge with Romania or become independent. This banknote was issued in 2019, on the 25th anniversary of Transnistria's currency. The obverse features General Alexandr Suvorov, who founded the city of Tiraspol - the capital of Transnistria, while the reverse features a mix of historical and modern buildings. 

Size: 128 mm* 56 mm
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