1 Anna, Hyderabad, 1356-1368 AH – tezbid

1 Anna, Hyderabad, 1356-1368 AH

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1 Anna coins of the Princely State of Hyderabad, in two varieties - bronze (1356-1361 AH) and copper-nickel (1361-1368 AH). The obverse of the coin carries the Tughra, a stylized calligraphic writing of the ruler's name, along with the year as per the Islamic calendar and the word 'Anna' in 3 languages. The reverse has the denomination of the coin. The 1 anna was the largest denomination among the lower value coins (non-silver) - all higher value coins of 2 anna and above were minted in silver. The coins are square in shape with rounded corners - a design used by the British Indian 2 anna (copper-nickel) and later on the 5 paisa coin of Republic of India. 

Weight: 3.7 grams (approx)

Size: 21.7 mm

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