Stater, Didda/Kshemagupta, Kashmir, 950-960 AD – tezbid

Stater, Didda/Kshemagupta, Kashmir, 950-960 AD

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Bronze Stater coin issued jointly in the name of Kshemagupta, the ruler of Kashmir and his wife, known as Didda Rani. Kshemagupta was a part of the Utpala dynasty, which ruled Kashmir from 855-1003 AD. He died in 958 AD and was succeeded by his son, with his wife acting as the Regent. 

The obverse has the seated figure of Ardoxsho - a female deity worshipped by the Kushans. The reverse has another deity. The legend of the coin is not entirely visible on the flan. 

Weight: 6 grams (varies)

Diameter: 19 mm (approx)

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These are hand struck coins, so no two coins will be identical. The coins are over 1,000 years old and will have wear and tear. Coins are part of a lot - the coin you get will be one of the coins in picture 4.