1 Kori, Kutch, Deshalji II (1852-1859) – tezbid

1 Kori, Kutch, Deshalji II (1852-1859)

  • Rs. 750.00

Silver 1 kori coin of Kutch issued in the name of Deshalji II (1819-1860), with the name of Bahadur Shah II. These coins were minted from Vikram Samvat 1904-1916 (1852-1859). The name Deshalji appears in Hindi on the obverse, together with the Trishul (trident), one of the emblems of Kutch. Deshalji II was born in 1814 and was declared the ruler in 1819, when his father was deposed by the British. He initially reigned as a minor, up till 1934 when he came of age. These coins were issued during the last part of his reign. 

Diameter: 15 mm (approx)
Weight: 4.7 grams (approx)

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