3 Dokdo (Dhabu), Kutch, Khengarji III/Edward VIII VS 1993/1936 AD – tezbid

3 Dokdo (Dhabu), Kutch, Khengarji III/Edward VIII VS 1993/1936 AD

  • Rs. 1,250.00

Copper 3 Dokdo (also called Dhabu) coin of the Indian Princely State of Kutch, issued in the name of Khengarji III and Edward VIII. This was one of the few coins anywhere to be issued in the name of Edward VIII, whose reign lasted less than 1 year (1936). Like other coins of Kutch, the obverse is in Hindi/Devnagari, while the reverse is in Urdu. These coins were minted in 1936 AD or Vikram Samvat 1993. 

Dhabu was a unique unit of currency of the region - equal to 3 Dokdo or 1/8 of a kori (silver coin). This coin was equal in value to the British Indian half anna coin and was also among the largest coins to be milled in India, with a weight of 16.6 grams (approx). The coin is a little larger than the British India silver rupee and noticably thicker. 

Weight: 16.6 grams (approx)

Diameter: 33.3 mm (approx)

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