1 Kasu, Mysore, Wodeyars, 18th century – tezbid

1 Kasu, Mysore, Wodeyars, 18th century

  • Rs. 550.00

Copper 1 kasu (1/1,024 rupee) coins of the Wodeyars, the Hindu rulers of Mysore. The obverse has an elephant advancing to the left with an inverted crescent on top. The reverse has criss-crossing lines with circles in the empty spaces in between.

These coins were probably issued by Devaloy Devaraja (1731-61), the regent for Krishnaraja Wodeyar II (1734-66). Read more about these coins here and here and a similar coin (different design, same value) can be seen here

Weight: 2.65-2.95 grams

Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will be one of the coins in the third picture. These coins are over 250 years old and will have some wear and tear.