Set of 5 Copper Coins, Vijayrajji, Kutch – tezbid

Set of 5 Copper Coins, Vijayrajji, Kutch

  • Rs. 2,200.00

Set of 5 copper coins of Kutch minted during the reign of Vijayrajji (together with George VI) with the following coins:
Adhio (1/2 kori): 16.7 grams (approx) - read more here
Paylo (1/4 kori): 8.3 grams (approx) - read more here
Dhabu (1/8 kori): 6.73 grams (approx) - read more here
Dhinglo (1/16 kori): 4.16 grams (approx) - read more here
Trambiyo (1/48 kori): 2.68 grams (approx) - read more here

The coins carry the name of the ruler of Kutch (Vijayrajji) on the front in devnagri, along with the year in Vikram Samvat and the name of the British monarch (George VI) and the year by Christian Era on the reverse in Persian. 

These are rare and hard to find coins - the set of full 5 coins is hard to put together. 

Coins are part of a lot. Coins will be picked from the Lot shown in picture 5. There may be some variation between the coins you get and the coins in the picture.