Silver Rupee, Kuchaman State (Jodhpur Feudatory) – tezbid

Silver Rupee, Kuchaman State (Jodhpur Feudatory)

  • Rs. 1,200.00

Silver rupee coin of the Kuchaman State - a feudatory of the Princely State of Jodhpur, who were permitted to strike their own coinage. These coins have a frozen date - 1203 AH (1789 AD) and reginal year of 31 on the reverse (see picture 3). The coin is issued in the name of mughal emperor Shah Alam II and is a replica of the Maratha issue of Ajmer, except for the addition of a sword (see picture 4). However, the actual minting of these coins started much later than the date listed on the coins.  

Weight: 10.9 grams (approx)

This is a rare coin. Read more here

These are handstruck coins, so no two coins will be identical. Coins are part of a lot - the coin you get will be one of the coins in the picture 5.