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1/2 Crown, George V, 1911-1919

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Silver Half Crown coin of George V - this was equal to 1/8th of a Pound. The obverse has the uncrowned portrait of King George V, with surrounding legend in Latin. The reverse carries a crowned quartered shield of arms. These coins are 0.925 (92.5%) silver - slightly higher than the 0.917 (91.7%) silver used for coins in British India.  

The initials 'BM' can be seen base of the King's portrait - this is the short for Edgar Bertram MacKennal - the engraver who designed the coin. 

These coins were minted from 1911-1919 (read more here) - after 1919, the silver content of the coins was cut to 50%. 

Weight: 14.14 grams (approx)

Diameter: 32.2 mm (approx)

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