Silver Mohur, Nepal, Prithvi Bir Bikram, 1803-33 AD – tezbid

Silver Mohur, Nepal, Prithvi Bir Bikram, 1803-33 AD

  • Rs. 1,450.00

Silver Mohur coin of Nepal, minted from 1803-33 AD in the name of Prithvi Bir Bikram. The coins carry the year as per Nepali calendar, which is a variation of the Vikram Samvat commonly used in India. Mohur was the currency of Nepal from 1500s to 1932, when it was substituted by the Nepali Rupee. The obverse carries the name of the ruler in Devnagari script while the reverse of the coin says 'Shri Shri Shri Gorakhnath' and 'Shri Bhavani' in devnagari script. These are machine struck coins. 

Weight: 5.59 grams (approx) - actual weight will be lower because of wear and tear

Diameter: 26.2 mm - this is a large (and thin) coin compared to other coins of this weight. 

This is a RARE coin, read more about it here

Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will be one of the coins in the third picture. These coins are nearly 200 years old, and will have some wear and tear on them.