1 & 2 Paisa, Baroda Princely State (1880-1893) – tezbid

1 & 2 Paisa, Baroda Princely State (1880-1893)

  • Rs. 700.00

1 paisa and 2 paisa copper coins of the Indian Princely State of Baroda, issued in the name of Sayajirao Gaekwad. These coins were minted form 1880-1893. The front of the coins carries the word 'sarkar' in Hindi, a hoof and a scimitar. The reverse has the denomination and the year of minting (in Vikram Samvat). 

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1 Paisa Coin

Weight: 6.7 grams (approx)      Diameter: 24.65 mm (approx)

2 Paisa Coin

Weight: 16.9 grams (approx)      Diameter: 29.3 mm (approx)

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