1/4 Anna - 4 Coin set, High Grade (1939-42) – tezbid

1/4 Anna - 4 Coin set, High Grade (1939-42)

  • Rs. 200.00

Set of 4 bronze 1/4 anna (1/64 rupee) coins minted in the name of George VI from 1939-42. These are high grade coins with all the features clearly visible. The 1/4 anna coin was minted up to 1942, after which it was replaced by the smaller, 1 pice coin with a hole in the middle (to save metal in war time). 

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Weight: 4.87 grams (approx) - of each coin

Size: 25.33 mm (approx)

The coins are part of a lot - the coins you get may not be the coins in the picture but will be coins in a similar condition. Price is for 1 set of 4 coins.