1 Dokdo, Junagadh, 1907-1910 – tezbid

1 Dokdo, Junagadh, 1907-1910

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Copper 1 Dokdo (1/24 Kori) coin of the Princely State of Junagadh during the reign of Rasul Muhammad Khan. This coin is also called the 'Sorath Sarkar Dokdo' - for the words Sorath Sarkar are there on the reverse in Devnagari - Sorath was the old name for the Saurashtra region, where Junagadh was. These coins carry the date in Vikram Samvat and were minted from VS 1964-67 - 1907-10 AD. Junagadh was one of the three princely states which did not immediately accede to India in 1947, and had to be coerced. 

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Weight: 3.9 grams (approx)

DIameter: 20 mm (approx)

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