1 Ghersh, Menelik II, Ethiopia (1897-1903) – tezbid

1 Ghersh, Menelik II, Ethiopia (1897-1903)

  • Rs. 650.00

Silver 1 Ghersh coin of the Ethiopian Empire (1270-1974 AD) in the name of Emperor Menelik II. Menelik is famous for his victory over invading Italians, which led to European recognition of Ethiopia as a country by the European powers. The currency of Ethiopia in that period was the Birr, which was equal to a Maria Theresa Thaler in weight. A Ghirsh was 1/16 of a Birr. The obverse has a picture of Emperor Menelik II, while the reverse has the Lion of Judea. 

This is a small sized coin - shown with a 1/12 anna for comparison.  These coins were minted in Paris. 

Weight: 1.4 grams
Diameter: 16.5 mm

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This coin is over 100 years old and will have wear and tear. Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will be one of the coins in the last picture.