1 Jital, Ghiyas-ud-din Balban, 1266-1287 AD – tezbid

1 Jital, Ghiyas-ud-din Balban, 1266-1287 AD

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1 Jital Billion metal (debased silver) coin of Delhi Sultanate, issued in the name of Ghiyas-ud-din Balban (1266-1287 AD), a ruler of the Mamluk or Slave dynasty (1206-1290 AD). These coins are over 700 years old!

Balban was originally a Turk who had been enslaved by Mongols, who first sold him in Ghazni, from where he was brought to Delhi, where he was bought by Illtutmish. This was the first Muslim dynasty to rule Delhi. The coins carry the name of Balban in Arabic in a circle in the center, and in Devanagari in the outer circle. 

Weight: 3-3.5 grams (approx)
Diameter: 15 mm (approx)

This is a RARE coin. Read more about this coin here

Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will be one of the coins in the third picture. These are hand struck coins and no two coins will be identical. These coins are over 700 years old and will have wear and tear.