1 Jital, Khusrau Malik, Ghaznavid Empire (1160-1186 AD) – tezbid

1 Jital, Khusrau Malik, Ghaznavid Empire (1160-1186 AD)

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1 Jital coin of Khusrau Shah, the last ruler of the Ghaznavid Empire, who ruled from 1160-1186 AD. The obverse of the coin has a crescent on top along with the name of Khusrau Malik, while the reverse has an inscription in Persian. The coins are Billion metal (copper + silver). 

Ghaznavid Empire occupied parts of Afghanistan (province of Ghazni), present day Pakistan and some parts of Northern India. Khusrau Malik was driven out of his capital in Afghanistan by another Turkic group, and he shifted his capital to Lahore - from where he made some incursions into present day India. In 1186, he was deposed by the Ghurid dynasty. 

Weight: 3.2 grams (approx)
Diameter: 14 mm (approx)

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