1 Kori, Kutch, Rayadhanji I (1665-1698 AD) – tezbid

1 Kori, Kutch, Rayadhanji I (1665-1698 AD)

  • Rs. 900.00

Silver 1 kori coin of Kutch state, issued in the name of Rayadhanji I (1665-1698) - making these coins over 300 years old! These coins also carry the name of Muzaffar Shah III, and carry the date as per the Islamic calendar (978 AH, frozen date). A trident can be seen on the obverse, and a dagger on the reverse of the coin. 

Weight: 4.71 grams (approx)
Diameter: 15 mm (approx)

This is a Rare coin. Read more about it here

Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will not be the coin in the picture, but will be a coin in similar condition. These are coins are handstruck - so no two coins will be identical. These coins are over 300 years old and will have some wear.