1 Paisa, Makrai State – tezbid

1 Paisa, Makrai State

  • Rs. 1,000.00

Copper 1 paisa coin of Makrai State, minted during the reign of Bharat Shah (1886-1920 AD). The obverse of the coin has a katar (dagger) inside a polygon, while the reverse has a trident. Dagger is a common symbol for many Rajput rulers of the period. 

Makrai was one of the smallest princely states in British India. Located in the Hardi tehsil of the present day Hoshangabad district, Makrai had an area of just 155 square miles and a population of 13,000 (in 1901). Because of its small size and limited resources, coins of Makrai are crude and handstruck. 

Weight: 9.5-11.5 grams (approx)

Shape - Irregular square/circle

This is a VERY RARE coin, not listed either in numista or in the catalogue of South Asian coins. Read more about other coins of Makrai state here 

These are crude, handstruck coins and no two coins will be identical. The coins are over 100 years old and will have wear and tear on them. Coins are part of a lot and will be selected from one of the coins in the third picture.