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1 Paisa, Princely State of Tonk, 1932 (2 coins)

  • Rs. 600.00

Set of Copper 1 pice or 1 paisa coins of the Princely State of Tonk, both minted in 1932 AD. The coins carry the name of Muhammad Sadat Ali Khan, the Nawab of Tonk, and George V, the British emperor. The obverse has the year as per the Islamic calendar, while the reverse has the date as per the English calendar. The princely state of Tonk was based around the modern day town of Tonk in Rajasthan. It was the only state in Rajasthan with a Muslim ruling dynasty. 

The two coins together are scarce as a set. 

The larger coin has a diameter of 25.26 mm & weighs 4.85 grams. Read more here

The smaller coin is 21 mm in diameter and weighs 4.8 grams. Read more here

Coins are part of a lot. The coins you get may not be the coins in the picture, but will be coins in similar condition. Price is for 1 set of 2 coins (large & small).