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1 Piastre, French Indochina

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Silver 1 Piastre coin issued for use in French Indochina - it was the currency of the region from 1885-1952. The obverse features a seated Marianne - the lady symbolizing France, holding fasces (a bunch of sticks - which gave rise to the word fascism), together with the date and the initials of the engraver (Barre). The reverse carries the denomination of the coin, as well as its weight and purity. 

This coin was first issued in 1885 and was based on the Spanish dollar, which was widely in use in the region - however, the coins minted initially had more silver than the Spanish counterpart and were hoarded. In 1895, new coins of 27 grams with 90% silver were minted to overcome this problem. 

Weight: 27 grams (approx)
Diameter: 39 mm

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