1 Rupee silver coin, George VI – tezbid

1 Rupee silver coin, George VI

  • Rs. 625.00

1 Rupee, half silver coins of George VI, from 1940-45 (except 1943). The original weight of these coins was 11.66 grams- the actual weight may vary slightly. These coins were minted from 1940 onward, when the silver content of the British Indian rupee was cut from 91.7% to 50% - devaluation caused by the World War II, and were minted up to 1945 - when silver was entirely replaced by nickel. Over this 5 year period, small variations were introduced to the design as security features. 

These coins have been used and have some wear. 

Coins are part of a lot, condition may vary from one coin to another. Price is per coin. 

If you want you want different year coins, please contact seller on availability. 1943 is not a part of this lot.