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1 Rupee, Victoria Queen, 1862 (Frozen Date), Dot Coins

  • Rs. 1,750.00

Silver 1 Rupee in the name of Queen Victoria, with the frozen date of 1862. These coins, with a frozen date of 1862 were minted from 1862-1873. The number of dots either below the date or above the 'N' on One, are meant to signify the year of minting. At least 2 dozen different variations of these 'dot coins' are known, and are popular with collectors. The notation to express these dots is (1/4 - 1 dot above, 4 dots below). 

These coins represent a change from the earlier 1840 coins - the crowned bust of Queen Victoria in regal attire, as opposed to a bare-headed portrait earlier, from the neck up. These coins say 'India', as opposed to 'East India Company' in older coins - after the 1857 revolt, governance of India passed away from the East India Company. The coins reflect this change. These coins were minted up to 1876 - 1877 onward, Victoria's title changed to 'Empress of India'. 

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Weight: 11.66 grams (approx)
Diameter: 30.78 mm (approx)

Coins are part of a lot. The coin you get will be one of the coins from the last picture. These coins are over 150 years old. Price is for one coin.