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1 Shilling, United Kingdom, George V (1st type, 1911-1919)

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Silver 1 Shilling coin of United Kingdom. The coin features the uncrowned portrait of King George V, while the reverse has a crowned lion atop a crown with the numbers of the date on either side of the crown. The portrait of George V was done by Edgar Bertram MacKennal. whose initials (BM) can be seen at the base of the bust. 

Shilling was a pre-decimal unit of currency in the UK, equal to 1/20 of a pound and 12 pence. These coins, minted from 1911-1919, were 92.5% silver - coins minted after 1920 were 50% silver. 

Diameter: 23.5 mm (approx)
Weight: 5.66 grams (approx)

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