1 Shilling, Victoria, 1887-1889 (Jubilee Head, Type II – tezbid

1 Shilling, Victoria, 1887-1889 (Jubilee Head, Type II

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Silver 1 Shilling coin of United Kingdom. The coin features the second portrait of Queen Victoria, also called the Jubilee portrait. The reverse has a crowned royal shield - with 3 lions representing England, the single lion representing Scotland and the harp representing Ireland. The obverse was designed by Joseph Edgar Boehm, whose initials can be seen the base of Victoria's bust.

Shilling was a pre-decimal unit of currency in the UK, equal to 1/20 of a pound and 12 pence.This particular design was used from 1889-1891. These coins are 92.5% silver. 

Weight: 5.66 grams

Diameter: 23.5 mm

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