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Discovery of India, 1000 Reis, 500 Reis & 200 Reis, 1898, Indo-Portuguese

  • Rs. 17,000.00

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Set of 3 silver coins of 1000 Reis, 500 Reis and 200 Reis issued in 1898 - the 400th anniversary of Vasco Da Gama's first voyage to India. The obverse of all the three coins carries conjoined busts of King Carlos I of Portugal and Queen Amelia. The reverse gives the value of the coin and the occasion for minting (4th century of Vasco Da Gama's voyage). The engraver (designer) of the coin was Venancio Alves - his initials 'V ALVES' can be on the right side at the base of King Carlos's bust. 

The three coins are rare as a set, especially in this grade. Read more about these coins here, here and here


1000 Reis - 25 grams (approx)

500 Reis - 12.5 grams (approx)

200 Reis - 5 grams (approx)


1000 Reis - 37 mm (approx)

500 Reis - 31 mm (approx)

200 Reis - 24 mm (approx)

Coins are part of a lot, the coins you get will be from the lot. While there will be small variations between the coins, these are of a high grade with all the key features intact. The initials of the engraver are visible on the coins, as are the medals on the uniform of Carlos. 

Price is for 1 set of 3 coins.