2 Anna, George VI, 1942, Bombay Mint – tezbid

2 Anna, George VI, 1942, Bombay Mint

  • Rs. 200.00

Nickel-Brass 2 Anna (1/8 rupee) coin of British India, minted in 1942 at the Bombay Mint in the name of King George VI. Prior to 1945, this was the highest value coin which was not minted using silver - other, higher denominations such as 1/4 rupee (4 anna) and above were minted in silver. The obverse features the crowned head of King George VI, while the reverse carries the date and denomination in 4 languages apart from English. These coins were minted from 1942-1945 - from 1939-41, the 2 anna coins were copper-nickel - the composition was changed due to the war. 

Shape: Square with rounded edges
Size: 27 mm (approx)
Weight: 5.74 grams (approx)

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