25 Silver Kori set of Kutch, 1928-1944 – tezbid

25 Silver Kori set of Kutch, 1928-1944

  • Rs. 18,000.00

25 silver Koris of Kutch Princely State of Khengarji and Vijayraji jointly with George V, Edward VII and George VI, from Vikram Samvat 1988 (1928 AD) to Vikram Samvat 2001 (1944 AD). Each coin has a unique combination of the year in VS/AD. 

All of these coins are very rare, with numista rarity score of 60 (Khengarji/George V), 72 (Khengarji, Edward VIII), 77 (Khengarji, George VI) and 73 (Vijayrajji, George VI). Read about them here, here, here and here

Each coin is approximately 4.6 grams. The coins you get will not be the coins in the picture, but will be coins in similar condition.