5 Kori, Kutch, Khengarji/Edward VIII, 1936 – tezbid

5 Kori, Kutch, Khengarji/Edward VIII, 1936

  • Rs. 2,300.00

5 Kori silver coin of the Indian Princely State of Kutch, in the name of Khengarji and Edward VIII - the British ruler whose reign lasted for less than 1 year (during 1936). Kutch was one of the few states that minted coins in the name of Edward VIII - even British India didn't mint any coins during his short lived reign. These coins are very similar to the preceding issue of Khengarji/George V - and were produced at the New Bhuj Mint. These coins follow the same basic design that was used in the first 5 Kori coins of Kutch, with the name of the ruler of Kutch on the obverse, together with the date (Vikram Samvat) and the three symbols of Kutch - the trishul (trident), crescent and katar (dagger). The crescent on the front is an open circle, as opposed to the earlier design, which was a closed circle. This side uses the Devnagari script. The reverse carries the name of Emperor Edward VIII, his title and the date as per the Christian calendar. All of these are in Urdu. There are two variations of this coin - with Vikram Samvat date of 1992 and 1993.

This is a RARE coin, with a numista rarity score of 58. Read more here
This coin is also a worldwide numismatic rarity - because it is in the name of Edward VIII

Weight: 13.87 grams (approx)

Diameter: 32.2 mm (approx)

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