5 Kori, Kutch, Khengarji/Victoria, 1890-1899 AD – tezbid

5 Kori, Kutch, Khengarji/Victoria, 1890-1899 AD

  • Rs. 2,300.00

Silver 5 Kori coin of the Princely State of Kutch, issued in the name of Khengarji III, the ruler of Kutch, and Empress Victoria. These coins follow the basic design of the 5 kori, with the name of the ruler of Kutch on the obverse, together with the date (Vikram Samvat) and the three symbols of Kutch - the trishul (trident), crescent and katar (dagger). The crescent on the front is an open circle, as opposed to the earlier design, which was a closed circle. This side uses the Devnagari script. The reverse carries the name of Empress Victoria, her title 'Kaiser e Hind' and the date as per the Christian calendar. 

This is a RARE coin, with a numista rarity score of 68. Read more here

Weight: 13.87 grams (approx)

Diameter: 31.4 mm (approx)

These coins are over 100 years old, and carry some wear and tear. Coins are part of a lot,  there will be some variation between coins. If you want a specific piece/year, please check with the dealer first.