8 Gani, Mubarak Shah (Delhi Sultanate), 1318-1320 AD – tezbid

8 Gani, Mubarak Shah (Delhi Sultanate), 1318-1320 AD

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8 Gani coin made of billion metal (impure silver) in the name of Qutb ud Din Mubarak Shah. Mubarak Shah was a ruler of the Delhi sultanate and was a son of Alauddin Khilji. After the death of Alauddin Khilji, his slave Malik Kafur imprisoned all of Khilji's adult sons and put a young boy of six years, Shihabuddin Omar, on the throne as a puppet ruler. Kafur was eventually assassinated by Khilji's bodyguards, who released Mubarak Shah, who in turn blinded and imprisoned his brother Shihabuddin. All this happened in the first four months of 1316 AD! Mubarak Shah ruled from 1316-1320 AD, In 1320 AD, Mubarak Shah was killed and replaced by his lover Khusrau Khan.

These square 8 gani coins were minted from 1318-1320 AD, making them over 700 years old!

Weight: 3.56 grams (approx)

Shape: Square

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