East India Company - 1/12 Anna – tezbid

East India Company - 1/12 Anna

  • Rs. 300.00

Copper 1/12 anna coin issued by the East India Company in 1835 - this was the beginning of uniform coinage across all of India. The 1/12 anna (or 1/3 paisa) was the smallest denomination coin issued by the EIC (from 1835 to 1947) - A rupee had 16 annas, so 1 rupee was equal to 192 of these small coins! This coin replaced the 1 PIE coin, which was minted up to 1833 - and was equal in value. 

These coins have 2 different varieties - based on the reverse. Note the difference in thickness of the outer rim (picture 3). 

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Weight: 2.19 grams (approx)

Diameter: 18 mm (approx)

Coins are part of a lot - the coins you get may not be the coins in the picture, but will be coins in similar condition.  These coins are over 150 years old and have wear and tear. There will be variation between coins.